World of V - NFT Tools

A free tool for the World of V community of Artists and Collectors.

Offering statistics and functionality to augment the World of V NFT marketplace & profiles.

Created by Sedas - ❥ 4 Art/Tech - Artist. Coder. Creator. NFTCollector.

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Sedas Nature

Capturing the beauty of Nature in traditional paintings & drawings.

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Let's pretend we meet up to chat about art, NFT and VeChain with some nice drinks ... and good company.


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We are constantly improving on the app. The following has already been planned:

  • Token History Information
  • Secondary sales information
  • Auctions and Offers
  • Including sales from boxes
  • Missing editions discovery
  • More graphs
  • Artist & Collector detailed pages
  • Editions overviews

Any suggestions ? Do let us know via 'contactwovnft.tools'(spam protected - copy and insert @)